Ark: Survival Ascended

Ark: Survival Ascended: Cover Screenshot
Ark: Survival Ascended: Cover Screenshot
Ark: Survival Ascended
Ark is reimagined from the ground-up into the next-generation of video game technology with Unreal Engine 5! Form a tribe, tame & breed hundreds of unique dinosaurs and primeval creatures, explore, craft, build, and fight your way to the top of the food-chain. Your new world awaits!

Studio Wildcard

"If you love Ark Survival Evolved, you'll likely love Ark Survival Ascended... once the bugs have been ironed out and the performance is better optimized. If you can get past the two glaring gameplay issues, Ark Survival Ascended will eventually become a great remaster of an already great survival game."
PC InvasionMetacritic 70%Steam 58%
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